all manner of finished skins – smoke / brain tanned, black walnut dyed, sumac tanned, unsmoked

Each hide is the clothing, house and nervous system of an entire animal, in which they lived out their whole and graceful life; eating what they ate, seeing what they saw, walking where they walked.   Their hide is that which, of all their body, will likely stay amongst us the longest.   Well worn and employed, these skins will see what we see and walk where we walk.   It is a relationship that can bring to fruition everything they mean to us and all that it means to be on the receiving end of their generosity.

As it has been my good fortune to learn the ways of the tanner and skin-sewer, it also falls upon me to ensure that this all makes it out into the world.   The Herd’s Throne is now the place from where what I make in my small cabin by an old river in the Ottawa Valley, can be found by those who wish.

Please be in touch with any questions via email at daniel@theherdsthrone.ca.


oak bark tanned goat skins racked for drying




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